Speedhooked provides cars that are extraordinary, from original classics to modified individuals. These vehicles are hand picked and approved by two long term professionalized enthusiasts, who worship old classics and believe that modifying is freedom. They also believe that we all can agree to the captivating force of a classic's or a modern car's ageless beauty.

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The Speedhooked duo has built cars from different centuries with different goals in mind. A handful of Porsche's from 1970's to this year's models, from street driven track specified individuals to tastefully upgraded daily drivers gives you the scope of their craft. And naturally, all brands, makes and models are a possibility to achieve something great in these hands. For example the first Gallardo with an air suspension in Finland was built by them. And a lowered & stanced Porsche 930 isn't that common either. This kind of pioneering is possible when the vision is strong, the trustable contact network exist and the guys know exactly what they are doing.

Roni Collin
+358 40 900 0094

Tomi Salminen
+358 40 553 6694
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